Pre & post-natal sessions

Get ready to welcome your little one into the world! Even if you didn’t exercise before getting pregnant, get into shape with my safe and effective bespoke training program, tailor-made to your current condition. I create training programs based on OM MAMA PLUS@, according to the recommendations of the ACOG /American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists/ and the Polish Obstetricians and Gynecologists Association.

The exercises are all low intensity “active rest” with music, which has a positive effect on both the physical and mental condition of mum and her baby. They guarantee a good level of fitness and well-being throughout the entire pregnancy, and what’s more, doing exercise during your pregnancy makes it easier to get back into shape after the birth.

During the sessions we do:

  • breathing exercises
  • exercises to correct posture
  • relaxing and calming exercises
  • exercises to strengthen the upper body
  • exercises to strengthen the lower body (especially the pelvic floor muscles))

Benefits for mums and babies:

  • physical and mental wellbeing
  • fitness right up to the birth
  • blood pressure is under control, with blood better oxygenated (this also applies to baby!)
  • reduction in strain and tension resulting from the pregnancy
  • better blood flow to leg veins
  • prevention of muscle spasms
  • relief from back pain
  • increased tolerance to pain, which makes for a much less painful labour
  • for those who exercise regularly, a quicker return to shape and better muscle and ligament recovery

Once you feel ready to get back into shape after the birth (a minimum of 6 weeks) I’ll come round to your place and help you do it! With your baby too, of course 🙂

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“When your body, mind and soul are healthy and harmonious, you will bring health and harmony to those around you and health and harmony to the world.”

BKS Iyengar