STRETCH & RELAX for active people

My stretch and relax personal training sessions are ideal for professional athletes, keen sportspeople, and for those who are constantly busy and on the go, and who need to relax and wind down.

Get a whole range of benefits with this program:

  • become more aware of your body and control it better
  • prevent injuries
  • gain a better understanding of your body’s strengths and weaknesses
  • increase the range of motion in your joints to give mobility and better stability
  • learn to concentrate better
  • unlock tension in your spine and hips
  • get a healthy body
  • control your blood pressure
  • improve nutrition to and strengthen your internal organs
  • take a moment to rest and relax, sleep better

Every muscle has its antagonist, i.e. a muscle that works with the opposite force. This mechanism is what allows precise movement. If both groups of muscles are in proportion and balanced, we can say there is economy of movement. However, if one group is stronger, you run the risk of reducing your performance, and even of developing faulty posture. By introducing just one unit of stretch & relax into your weekly routine, you can even out and align any muscle imbalances.

During the training session we use the appropriate asanas for you that are often held for a longer time in order to stretch and unlock the body. We also use a range of aids such as yoga blocks, strips, blankets etc to enable the muscles to fully relax and allow the asanas to reach the deeper layers of the body. The positions are done this way so as to move the spine in every direction, reversing the daily effect of gravity on the body.

1 person/1hr – €35

2 persons/1hr – €40

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“Yoga doesn’t take time. It gives time.”

Ganga White