Corporate program

If you’re an employer who cares about motivation levels and the wellbeing of your employees, a spot of workplace exercise can do wonders for staff morale.

In our sessions we perform yoga positions (asanas) that are adjusted to the participants’ abilities. Yoga at work is aimed above all at improving posture. You’ll learn how to do some simple exercises to relieve back strain and soothe the neck and shoulder pains that come with long hours spent sitting at a computer. I also give some useful relaxation techniques
to reduce stress.

The program is based on regular workplace sessions.

  1. Sessions during work time

Time: Short sessions during break times, approx 20 mins.

Preparation: There’s no need to change, and we don’t use any extra aids. All you need is a chair and to take off your shoes.

  1.  Before- or after-work sessions

Time:  Sessions last 60 mins.

Preparation: You’ll need to change into some comfortable leisure wear, and you’ll need a yoga mat.

For your own bespoke program, just get in touch!